Jerez is filled with its typical «Zambombas» parties


Jerez is filled with its typical «Zambombas» parties

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Every year in December, Jerez de la Frontera is filled with its typical «Zambombas» parties, one of the more typical cultural and festive events of Andalusian folklore. Since 18th century, at the beginning of the month and until Christmas Eve, friends, neighbours and families gather in the patios of the “casas de vecinos” (palace houses where different families used to live sharing the facilities as one  big family),  house barnyards and “gañanías” (farm houses).

During the zambombas, while  women were preparing the sweets for Christmas Eve, the party started around a fire, with men and women dancing and singing spontaneously popular songs, carols and old gossips in a flamenco tone drinking  anis, punch and Sherry wine.

The main instrument used was the «zambomba», which this festival declared of Cultural Interest takes its name from.

The Zambomba, unlike all other flamenco parties, is a celebration with a strong participatory character, since in other flamenco parties there is a separation between the performers (cantaores, tocaores and bailaores) and the public; nevertheless in the Zambombas everybody is welcome to participate, singing, dancing or playing an instrument, so that the individual flamenco singers turn into an entire chorus singing flamenco tones.

At the Zambomba you can see and hear famous flamenco artists as well as anonymous flamenco fans who can hardly be seen during the rest of the year.

The cheerful, anarchic and carefree spirit of this party makes it unique, a place where everybody can let go and start singing to reveal their most flamenco side.

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