Month: January 2020


Bed and Breakfast, usually expressed with the acronym B&B, is a simple type of accommodation with a personal treat.

It was basically understood as the custom of giving accommodation in a room available in a particular house for a good price. Its name comes from the literal translation of “bed and breakfast” because the services provided were exactly those: a place to spend the night and have breakfast in the company of the family. Today they have evolved a lot, offering all kinds of  services in order to make visitors feel at home.


Characteristics of Bed & Breakfast Hotels

The idea of B&bs started in the Anglo-Saxon countries such as England, Scotland and Ireland have been using the concept of Bed & Breakfast to identify such accommodation. It quickly spread to the United States and different cities around the world. Nowadays, even in the most inhospitable places on the planet you can find a Bed & Breakfast. But… What is this type of accommodation?


Unlike hostels, these small establishments offer private rooms for guests and a highly personalized service. Located mostly in old private houses and usually located in the historic part of the city.
This is the case of La Fonda Barranco, located in an old 18th century merchant house in Jerez de la Frontera. A house renovated and conditioned to offer maximum comfort to our clients, without losing that personalized treatment and the essence of home. A warm and intimate atmosphere, much more personal, with more character and pleasant than most hotels.

This particular way of reinventing the space of an old house makes these establishments the ideal choice for those travelers who seek to feel more loved with that personalized treatment that they do not receive in other establishments.

Breakfast in these establishments is very picturesque. Fresh coffee, home-made jams, toast, local produce and seasonal fruit. The rooms are almost themed, each one has its own personality and style that makes it unique.

Fonda Barranco responds to all these characteristics, an eco-friendly B&B and the only Vinotel of Jerez. Where the attention and comfort of its guests is the most important. Offering not only a cosy but also thoughtful accommodation: a glass of Sherry as a welcome, cultural visit recommendations and plans at any time of the day, for wine, history and art lovers.With options for rainy or sunny days. And located in the heart of the city of Jerez, overlooking the Cathedral of Jerez from its terrace, a short walk from the main attractions of the city, or its wineries.

Recently, B&bs have become one of the most attractive options for travelers looking for a different and special place to stay. If you are interested in getting in touch with the local culture, the B&bs are your best option.

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