What is Fonda&Go?

After waiting a long time and traveling half the world, finally we can publicly present our 1969 Volkswagen Kombi T1, a vehicle so cute that lights up people’s face when they see it and makes anyone smile wherever it goes.

This iconic means of transport is one of the first passenger vans ever manufactured and, thanks to many enthusiasts like us, is still in perfect condition.

After a hard, long and careful restoration, our T1 is now the icon of this modest family business and we are planning to spend with it great and unforgettable moments in Jerez, along its streets full of history, its vineyards … or wherever our destiny takes us.

We wanted to share our experience with our friends and followers. We asked them through social networks to help us baptize our T1 with the name that best represents it. It had to be a name that would characterize it and differentiate it from everything known until now. In that contest, among the many different and ingenious proposals we received by our friends, one won us over and we immediately fell in love with it. And in Jerez, there cannot be a more flamenco name, with more art, strength and grace than “Lola”.

Before being called “Lola”, in her native Brazil, people knew her with the pseudonym “Xodo”, which in Brazilian Portuguese means “something very precious, very dear … like a treasure“, that is probably what the previous owner was feeling when he chose that name.

We want our “Lola“ to be like us: funny, lively and restless but, above all, very professional and more than committed with work. Among its many tasks, she will have to collect and take our guests to the airport, golf courses, private or public events, wineries, horse shows, vineyards, the beach, or simply tour a group of friends to discover the city and have a good time in all its corners.

But, we must emphasize that among its many tasks, the most important one is to be the means of transport for those people who, on their big day, their wedding day, want to be on board a unique and peculiar vehicle.

And although our “Lola” has a great history and has seen many beautiful and charming places, we are sure nothing can be compared to her new home.

With almost 50 years behind her and a thousand stories to tell, she is ready to make your stay with us a memorable moment.

Welcome “Lola”!

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The Kombi

The Volkswagen Kombiwagen (abbreviation of Kombinationfahrzeug – combined usage vehicle), is known worldwide as Volkswagen Kombi.

From the beginning, it was called Volkswagen Transporter (for cargo) or Volkswagen Bus for passenger versions. After the Second World War, in 1947, the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, was run by British administrators who received the proposal of a Dutch entrepreneur (Ben Pon) to build a cargo model based on the Volkswagen Beetle. Its success was such that in the following years a few versions of the first Kombi 29 or T2 start to appear.

1950 is the year of the appearance of Volkswagen Kombi T2 designed as an ambulance, or a firemen vehicle, with removable seats and three windows on both sides, the Volkswagen Transporter Kombi.

In 1951, they launched the Samba version, a luxury Transporter with space for 7 passengers and a convertible canvas roof.

In 1952, Westfalia-Werke developed a model for weekends and holidays based on the Volkswagen Transporter, with removable accessories such as a folding table and a kitchen.

In 1953 they decided to open a factory in São Paulo, Brazil; later in 1956 another one was opened in South Africa and by the end of the decade there were already 30 versions of the Kombi.

Brazil is one of the emblematic countries of VW production outside Germany, along with Mexico and South Africa, but little by little and after more than 60 years of history, all plants around the world were closed one by one, being Brazil the last one to end the production of the legendary Kombi in 2013.

Rates and Services

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*All the packages can be modified, we adapt to your needs. It includes, the driver, the van´s decoration and a taste of Cava. The offered prices are for reservations before 31st of December 2018 for Jerez and surroundings (see the extra cost for other locations), VAT not included.


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