La Fonda Barranco’s family

Because a team delivered makes the difference!

Alejandro Abrio

Born and raised in Jerez, I have lived for a long time in the UK, Ireland and the Costa del Sol. I have been always working in hospitality for large and small hotel chains such as NH, Hilton or Starwood Hotels & Resort. After working at the Hotel Chancillería, until its closure in 2014, I decided to take the reins of La Fonda Barranco where I wanted to change the concept I had, focusing on three fundamental pillars.

Dedication to our clients, our personalized treatment is to make of our clients that friend or relative who comes home to see us and know Jerez.

Accessibility, we want a Fonda Barranco for everyone, that’s why we are the first hotel accessible to deaf people in Spain.

And the wine of Jerez, the prestigious wine of Jerez that is so well-known as unknown. Our intention is not only to make our customers our friends but to turn them into true wine lovers and ambassadors of sherry. For this, we are steadily training through the Regulatory Council in order to be the best VINOTEL of Jerez.

Virginia Gómez

Born and raised in Jerez. Although my professional branch in my beginnings was the administration, my true vocation was the hospitality and dealing with the client. That is why I moved to the UK, where I started my new career. I worked in all the departments training myself to finally become deputy director of events and congresses. I returned to Spain, my home, where I started a new life in Hotel Palmera Plaza, eventually becoming the Head of reception and right hand of the Director until unfortunately it closed. Fate made me cross with Alejandro who offered me to participate actively in this nice project of which I am part as Head of Reception and Marketing among other functions..

María Josefa Quirós

Born in Jerez and with a long history as a housekeeper in various hotels nationwide. Maria Jose, is a very important pillar for the Fonda, arrives at our establishment thanks to Virginia. Affable, helpful, detailed and professional, making La Fonda her second home and taking care of it as such. She is one of the people responsible for the success of cleaning, a decisive value, for that our customers choose us.

Verónica Ruiz

From Jerez, graduated in Marketing & Market Research and Tourism. With 23 years old and no work experience, she is our last signing. We see in Veronica that she is a dynamic person with initiative, detail-oriented, resolute and sympathetic, so we have opted for her. We are confident that, in addition to her vitality, she will contribute to La Fonda her knowledge in the sector.